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What are your opening hours?

Monday to Friday 6.30am till 5.30pm
Saturday 6.30am till 1.00pm
Longer hours available on request.

Can you arrange delivery?

Yes. We have an on-site fleet of modern truck and trailer units ready to deliver a range of aggregate products across the Auckland and Tauranga regions, ranging from 0.5 tonne to 32 tonne loads.

Can I hire one of your trucks?

Sure can. Our modern truck and trailer fleet is available or hire. Get in touch with Dan on 021 166 2379 for any 4W/6W hireage enquiries and James on 021 183 6372 for any T&T hireage enquiries.

Can you remove mixed materials from my site?

Yes; we can remove any Type 2 mixed material: clay/aggregate, topsoil (unsorted and dry); and any Type 3 mixed material clay/aggregate/topsoil (unsorted and wet); and any Type 4: oversize concrete/rock/rebar greater than 250mm sorted or unsorted.

What types of fill do you accept?

We accept Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4 materials. Please see our pricelists for more details. Due to disposal site criteria we cannot offer Type 1, but please check with us as we will attempt to provide cheaper pricing where possible.

Do you have a minimum/maximum load size?

Our minimum load size is 0.5 tonne and the maximum is 32 tonne.

Do you accept soil tipping all year round?

Yes we do. We are a licensed transfer station however, we are unable to accept green waste, contaminated materials, or anything that doesn't meet our cleanfill criteria.

Do you accept green waste?

Rock and Rubble cannot accept any materials outside of the cleanfill criteria. We cannot accept green waste, general refuse, hazardous materials, materials with hydrocarbons, plastics, rubber, tyres, and materials with high readings of heavy metals.

Do you have drainage aggregates and filter materials?

Yes, we have Drainage Metal 40-20. Check out our pricelists for price per tonne in your area.

What are your dumping fees?

We have a range of dumping fees for Types 2, 3 and 4 materials. Please see our pricelists for dumping fees in your area.

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