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Cleanfill Criteria

Cleanfill definition and acceptance criteria

Clean fill is defined in Rule 5.5.48(a) of the ARP: ALW by reference to the MfE document A Guide to the Management of Clean fills, 2002 as:

“..material that when buried will have no adverse effect on people or the environment; and includes virgin materials such as clay, soil and rock, and other inert materials such as concrete or brick

that are free of:

  • Combustible, putrescible, degradable or leachable components
  • Hazardous substances
  • Products or materials derived from hazardous waste treatment, hazardous waste stabilization or
  • Hazardous waste disposal practices
  • Materials that may present a risk to human health
  • Liquid waste

Materials imported onto the site must not be from a known contaminated or high risk site – see examples below:

  • Soil from a petrol station.
  • Soil from a known contaminated site.
  • Materials that may contain harmful Coal Tars
  • Soil from a timber treatment plant
  • Materials classified as contaminated
  • Soils and materials from industrial farming operations.

Note: Contractors delivering material that does not meet the criteria outlined below will be liable for any remediation / disposal costs which are borne by Rock & Rubble. All information supplied to Rock & Rubble must be true and correct. Prepared by Rock & Rubble. Effective from 06 November 2015.


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