Our business came about due to growing demands of customers, to resolve growing inefficiencies caused by Auckland's growing urban sprawl. Given the increasing city traffic and distances to sites, job efficiency has been greatly effected costing everyone time and money.  Rock & Rubble has come about as the solution, by bringing the quarry and its services to the city doorstep while maintaining quality and service.


Our aim is to provide you high quality products and unbeatable service, with high cost savings with our easy to reach and convenient locations.


As a small business, we are all about the people that we serve and making their jobs easier. In order to make the workplace a more enjoyable place to come to, we aim to provide you with a friendly atmosphere and top knotch customer service! At Rock & Rubble, it is our view that the people that operate this business are what sets us apart from the competition. As a family business we have a strong focus on business with a ‘ customer number one focus’ Your customer service feedback is always welcomed and appreciated!


As a business that literally handles the earth, we strive to keep a core set of values that ensure we are a step above the other. We realize that you,  our valued customer, are the backbone of our business and we continue to strive to better your experience with us.